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Our law practice offers experienced trial attorney's with a single philosophy of providing an individualized approach to every legal matter.

History of the firm


Fitts & Young was founded by attorneys dedicated to providing superior legal services at the highest levels.

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We provide an array of legal services that encourages collaboration among our lawyers to advance the goals of the firm's clients.



Sheneshia Fitts and Rhonda Young combined their talents and set out to build the most experienced and dynamic trial practice in North Carolina.  Our clients know and rely on our talents and standard of excellence in each of our practice areas. We successfully defend and bring actions on behalf of our clients.

- Estate Planning & Administration

     - Wills
     - Trusts
     - Estate Probate
Do-It-Yourself Family Law Clinic

- Business Law

     - Contracts

     - Breach of Contract

     - Licensing Agreements

     - Employment Agreements

     - Business Ownership Disputes

- The firm also regularly handles a host     of other matters, including:
     - Personal Injury

     - Auto Accidents

     - Motorcycle Accidents


- Family Law

     - Divorce
     - Post Separation Support (PSS)
     - Alimony
     - Equitable Distribution
     - Child Custody
     - Visitation 

     - Parenting Agreements
     - Child Support 
     - Property Settlement Agreements 

     - Separation Agreements

- Military Family Law

- Domestic Violence

- Mediation & Arbitration


Commitment to Quality - We are committed to providing world-class legal representation that is critical to the success of our client's cases.


Commitment to Client Service - We are committed to top-rate legal services and being responsive to our clients' needs.


Commitment to Collaboration - We believe the best results are achieved by drawing on the exceptional talents and varied experience of our lawyers. Accordingly, we share our time, ideas, and inspiration with our colleagues to achieve the best results for our clients.


Commitment to Community Giving - We have a long history of supporting public institutions and charitable organizations in the communities in which we practice.


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